Monday, October 8, 2007

October 2007 Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a New Year at Sunday JACTS at Walden! We have a great
year planned!

1. Safety procedure for signing in and out students
2. Registration forms, snack sheet and year schedule
3. Mitkadem Hebrew curriculum for Group Bet
4. JACTS Blog at
5. Calendar reminders of class schedules at Community wide JACTS Purim Fundraiser

1. New Safety procedure: Please plan to arrive before 10 AM so
we can start promptly at 10:00 AM. Parents will be required to sign
children in at drop off and sign them out at pick up.

2. Please fill out 3 page registration forms that include
permission for field trips, release forms and emergency information
as soon as possible. Please sign up on the Master Snack Sheet to
bring non-sugar simple finger snacks at least 2 times during the
year. Let us know as soon as possible if there are any classes that
conflict with your plans for the school year.

3. Group Bet, the Hebrew readiness (English readers) older class
will be using a self-paced curriculum with materials. There is a
material fee of $25.00 so each child can have their own workbook,
flash cards and Hebrew letter chart to keep. Detailed information
about the Mitkadim curriculum is available at the blog under

4. Please bookmark the JACTS blog at All handouts and updates will be
posted there.

5. Please subscribe to the JACTS Yahoo group at Registration materials, detailed
holiday and community information and the weekly class schedule are
available for download and email alerts.

6. This year JACTS families will make Purim baskets to sell and
distribute to the Chochmat HaLev extended community to raise money
for JACTS scholarships. This is a mitzvah and has become an annual
lucrative undertaking started by Cindy in other communities.

Rabbi Sara Shendelman, Director
Corliss Lessor, Group Aleph Teacher
Cindy Solomon, Group Bet Teacher

Schedule, curriculum, administration, online questions?
Email Cindy at
Rabbi Sara email at