Monday, November 10, 2008

Request and Blessing

Dear Parents and Friends,

   I hope you are all well and that you feel optimism about the direction we are taking as a country and a society.  Every election is about declaring which values we want to guide our lives.  We imbue our children with these values hoping to create for them lives full of meaning and the kind of community that supports a meaningful and loving life. 
           As one of the educators working to help our children realize 
themselves, to find how to make life choices, and what kind of foundation they stand on, I am always aware of the fate of the world and my students journey being very much influenced by the extraordinary kind of teaching we do in Jewish Arts, Culture and Torah School.  Furthermore, as an independent school, we have been able to fill a need for those who do not wish to join a synagogue, but want a Jewish and Spiritual education for their children. 
      Everything has a natural ebb and flow.  Currently, due to many factors, the amount of tuition and financial help we have is not enough to support the school this year.  As we have no synagogue support, we live on the support of those who believe in our work.    I know things are tight now for many, but you know that whatever you give in tzedakah comes back to you, so to support us will be a good deed from which you will receive bountiful blessings.  We teach our children to give of themselves and the health benefits, I recently read, last for 60 years.  Let us model this for them and also save a school which was an invaluable experience for our
children and for the whole family. 
   Even a very small donation is really significant to us.  I have a policy to never turn a child away, regardless of ability to pay.
Please help me support those who wish to make the story that the Torah was given to us for the sake of our children, a real
transimission from one generation to the next. 
   We are a 501-c3 and all donations are tax deductible.  You may send a donation to 1743 Oregon Street, Berkley, CA 94703.
  A blessing to you and our whole world, 
Rabbi Sara Shendelman
 Director and Founder, Jewish Arts, Culture and Torah School

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