Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Help Us Celebrate Our Chai (18th) Year !

Dear Parents and Friends of Alumni,

It has been a while since we have had the pleasure of working with your children and seeing you.  Your children have gone on to high school, and many to college, careers and marriage. 

We have continued our teaching, connecting families and students to their Jewish heritage and communities.  We were told by one former student that we had really changed the way that she viewed the world and what she wanted to do in it. Another said we had helped him learn to think, and to feel more compassion.
More fulfilling lives, expansion of ways of thinking, connection to the wider family of Jewish Community, and an understanding of the way Judeo-Christian traditions influence the world, are all gifts brought to the children through the work we have done with them.

There is a lot of need in the nonprofit community due to the depressed economy. In addition, due to shifts in the community that we founded here in Berkeley, we find our school in urgent need of financial support.

We know our school's work is important to the students we teach, that we make a difference in their lives and that we really love working with them.  It is so fulfilling to have the consistant feedback for 20+ years - "that the Bar or Bat Mitzvah was so important for the family, so meaningful for the family and friends and was more wonderful than anyone expected"- somewhat of a rarity in the religious world.

On this emergency, I am asking for your support to keep our school alive. It means the world to me to continue this work I began about the time my children were born and they are now both in college.  Every donation is very meaningful and tax deductible.

All tzedakah helps to heal the world and comes back to us ten fold! Donations can be sent to Jewish Arts and Culture School at 1743 Oregon, Berkeley, CA  94703.  501 C3 TAX ID # 04-3595200.

Blessings on your heads,

Rabbi Sara Shendelman

Founder and Director
Jewish Arts Culture and Torah School

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