Monday, April 7, 2008

The 4 Questions for the Seder

On Sunday, April 6,

1. We read a story about the Hebrew letter Vav and his cousin, "hook". His cousin was involved in slowing Pharoah down when we were escaping from Egypt.

This is an old fashioned, charming book that my youngest daughter loved. There is a chapter for each letter of the aleph bet that seems to engage young and old alike, and they are not well known stories; nor are they talmudic or kabbalistic - just simple tales with some relation to Torah events. I keep buying used copies and losing them. You can get one at

2. We talked about the 4 questions, practiced singing them and made a 4 question fold out book to use at the seder.

Questions, answers and child singing the questions are at:

You can learn how to read the Hebrew for the 4 questions at
Go to Behrman House's link: for the Four Questions (Mah Nishtanah). Follow the link to the "Click and Learn Prayer" feature on Behrman Houses Family Site or go to this link:
You'll have to register to use the site. There are great lessons for learning to read Hebrew and more.

3. View historic Haggadahs online at

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