Monday, April 7, 2008

Mah Nishtana fold out book

We made a Mah Nishtana fold-out book on April 6.
You can do this at home using the following directions.

To make a 4 questions fold-out book:


Print out the 4 questions in Hebrew and English from here:


Print out pictures for 4 que
stions from here:


2 pages of construction paper
paper glue or paste
crayons, colored pencils or markers

1. Start by taping 2 pieces of 8.5 by 11 construction papers together end to end - so the resulting paper measures approximately 8.5 by 22.

2. Fold the paper lengthwise in half, then fold the two halves in half again.

3. Open up the pages to reveal 4 parts.

4. Look at the 2 pages of questions printed from
Notice that there are actually FIVE questions - an introductory question followed by questions 1 through 4.

5. Cut out each flash card question from the printed page. Set aside the introductory question to be used in step 10 below.

6. Paste questions 1 through 4, one to a frame as if you are reading a Hebrew book, from right to left. You will place question one in the farthest right section, and end with question four in the farthest left section.

7. Look at the circle pictures for each question printed from

Each question has 2 circles associated with it, as there are 2 parts to each question. The pictures are in Hebrew order, with the first question's 2 circles on the top right, second question's 2 circles are on the top left, third question's 2 circles are on the bottom right and fourth question's 2 circles on the bottom left.

Cut out the pictures so the 2 circles for each question remain attached to each other, but separated from the other questions.

Paste the appropriate 2 circle picture to the appropriate question panel.

Let all the glue dry before proceeding to step 10 to add the Introductory question.

10. Fold the four panels like a fan, so the questions are on the inside and there is an empty panel on top that will open like a Hebrew Book, to be read from right to left. This top, empty panel is where the Introductory Question will go.

Paste the question beginning with "Mah Nishtana" here. You can also paste the graphic with matzahs and the number 4 on the front cover here as well as "Introductory question."

When you are done, the folded pamphlet should show the introductory question on the front page. When that page is opened from right to left, the panels should open up to reveal the question and picture explanation for each question.

Use it to practice and recite the four questions at the Seder! While we were cutting and pasting each question, we talked about the picture, its meaning and sang the words.


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