Sunday, April 13, 2008

Passover Seder Plate and taste of Seder

April 13, 2008

Today we made a Seder Plate to use at our Seder, chopped our own charoset, went on a journey out of Egypt, traveled through the red sea, walked through a sandy desert, climbed a mountain and slid down and went through a very narrow place to get to our Seder in the shady garden side of Walden school. We sat at a round table set for a model seder, went over 14 parts of the seder, and through the 4 questions, 4 cups of wine, 4 sons, 4 names of passover, 2 dippings, 3 matzot....

How we made the seder plate:

Corliss prepared paper plates to color, cut and paste seder plate items onto. Another choice was to color a picture of a seder plate and paste it onto the plastic top of an aluminum take out container. The colored side was pasted face down on the top, so the plastic top sits like a bowl, with the food placed within it. It can be attached to the aluminum bottom so the seder plate food can be stored from the 1st to 2nd seder.

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